Somatic Care

Don’t force the change, honor the process of change

Where do the discomforts in your body come from?

We are healthy when we’re able to fully digest everything we take in, extracting what is nourishing and eliminating whatever doesn’t serve us. This includes our food, our relationships, our jobs, and all our life experiences. Illness, in contrast, develops when there is a disruption, a blockage in the flow of movement, thought, and emotions.

Somatic Care is a process of awakening the client’s awareness in their body and mind connection. This therapeutic approach encourages the client to open a dialogue with their inner body experience and become aware of the physical and emotional conditions affecting their vitality, health and well-being.

Somatic Care aims to reorganize the imbalances within the body by evaluating the functional relationship between the skeletal structure, neuromuscular system, organs & hormones. The therapeutic intervention is specific and precise, using gentle manual techniques for treating discomforts, stress-related injuries in the body.

How is your body considered by a VMI Practitioner?

The human body has many layers: skin, nerves, fascia, muscle, bone, organs, liquids, and glands. The skin stretches and contracts in a continual pattern and defines us as individual by setting our general tone of openness and closeness to being in the world. The nerves are the major electrical system that receive and give information to all the cells of the body. The fascia establishes a soft container for all the structure of the body and allows us to connect our inner feelings with our outer expression. The skeletal muscles change shape in a symphony of adjustments to maintain uprightness and to embody our vitality or express our power. The bones pulsate by varying pressure. Organs are dynamic waves of peristalsis expanding and shrinking; they carry on the function of our internal survival: breathing, nourishment and elimination. Organs are the natural environment of our emotions, aspirations, and memories of our inner reactions to our personal histories. The liquid of the body are propelled by the flexibility of organic pumps. Fluids are the layer of liquidity of movement and mind. They underlie presence and transformation, and mediate the dynamics of flow before rest and activity. Glands are the major chemical system of the body. They bring internal stillness, surges or explosion of chaos or on the contrary, balance. They underlie intuition.


How can your own body restore its balance?

Our bodies have an incredible ability to renew themselves if we create the conditions for optimal health.

Somatic Care is a complementary-alternative medicine, emphasizing prevention, treatment, and optimal health through the use of therapeutic methods that encourage individuals’ inherent self-healing process. It enhances the integration between the body, mind and emotion through movement awareness.

“Healing requires change, transformation, and renewal,
creating a new balance of our whole individuality.”

How does it work in practice?

At the Movement Re–Training Center, we will take time with you. During your first appointment, we will take your health history, listen to the most important aspects of your health that create discomfort in your daily life and will guide you trough a physical experience.
A first visit with a client lasts 45 minutes and follow-up visits range from 30 to 90 minutes, although this varies depending on the level of body awareness and physical activity of the client.

We need sufficient time to ask questions and to understand your health status and goals. Time is also needed for guiding you to listen to your discomfort, to manage your condition and to improve your health.

We focus on a holistic and proactive prevention and a comprehensive safe treatment. We have a profound knowledge and understanding of anatomy, physiology and pathology. We help facilitate the body’s inherent ability to restore and maintain optimal health by using touch, sound and movement. It is important to know that you will, at times, be actively involved in the movement, and not merely passively receiving our movement instruction.It is our role to identify and remove barriers to good health by helping to create a healing internal and external environment.

Somatic Care focuses on:

  • Postural and movement evaluation;
  • Experiential anatomy and imagery;
  • Movement patterning and re-patterning;
  • Communication and guidance through touch and verbal cues.

What are the benefits of Somatic Care?

Somatic Care is for everybody, regardless of age or physical condition.

The benefits of Somatic Care are

  • Increased sense of health and wellbeing
  • Reduced stress & anxiety
  • Improved efficiency in performing every day tasks
  • Enhanced alertness & concentration in the work environment

At Movement Re-Training Center clients came to see us for the conditions that respond well to Somatic care including

  • Stress, chronic fatigue & burn out
  • Digestive conditions
  • Muscular tension & injuries
  • Surgical scars
  • Headache & migraine
  • Menstruation discomfort
  • After chemo therapy treatment

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