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The Movement Re-Training Center is providing safe environment where you can safely focus on your recovery and enables you to benefit from state-of-the art rehabilitation programs. To benefit from one of these programs your injury must have been diagnosed by a medical specialist who recommended exercise or movement therapies. We will use basic movement progressions that are progressively connecting and integrating your entire body. There are several specialized therapeutical programs: pre- and post-surgery for the pelvic girdle, the shoulder girdle, scoliosis. Regardless of the program which is most suitable for you, we will guide you and accompany you from gentle rehabilitation exercises until high intensity training based on your individual needs and your activity.

Our rehabilitation programs are accessible with or without membership of our permanent coverage scheme, the Lasting Care.


of Lasting Care policy
The Lasting Care membership is offered by Movement Re – Training Center and enables you to benefit from a permanent coverage that gives you an access to specially tailored therapeutic programs using GYROTONIC® movement method and Integrative Somatic Movement Therapy.

I am injured or I am suffering from a chronical pain. No treatment has been successful so far… Can I still become a member of The Lasting Care?
Clients who are suffering from an injury at the time they want to become a member are offered a special deal. You may become a member even if you are injured but the membership fee (35€ per month or 420€ per year) will only cover the last 13 sessions (duration 55 minutes per session) of your rehabilitation plan. A complete rehabilitation plan comprises 25 sessions. You will need to pay the first 12 sessions at the individual rate of 75€. Please be aware that the monthly membership fee is due as soon as you become a member and must be paid in addition to the price of the individual sessions. This option is still more advantageous than a package for non-members.

Total cost with annual membership of this option: 1320€
Members save up to 555€
Intake fee of 45€


Packages without membership
If you do not wish to become a member of The Lasting Care, we also offer Rehabilitation packages. These packages are specially tailored to ensure a fast and lasting recovery and give you an access to the same quality of rehabilitation as with The Lasting Care membership but they have a different pricing. The Intake session is 45€ (duration 45 minutes) and all subsequent one-on-one sessions are 75 € (duration 55 minutes per session).

Total cost of 25 rehabilitation sessions for non-members: 1875€

Cover through personal health insurance
Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information about any of our rehabilitation plans or if you have questions. In any case, you are advised to contact your own health insurance to determine whether it would cover part of the cost of your rehabilitation program.

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