Code of conduct

Non-Judgmental Policy and Responsibilities
for Trainers, Clients, Self-Trainers, Guests, Accompaniers or Visitors.

We ask that you do not interrupt another client’s session with comments, suggestions or questions.

The present policy has been developed and will be enforced in order to create a safe environment for everyone at the Movement Re-Training Center. Trainers, Clients, Self- Trainers, Guests, Accompaniers and Visitors are expected to comply with this policy.

The Movement Re-Training Center has a unique structure allowing our clients to work and progress on physical, mental and psycho-somatic levels. Each client follows his/her individual process and is guided through it by a qualified trainer.

Bear in mind that a vast majority of our clients come to us after a very long period during which they did not get the help, support, understanding and listening that they needed.

It is of paramount importance that these processes take place in a safe, respectful and non-judgmental environment in which a client has accepted to be guided by a trainer. Only then can trust be built so that the client can be him/herself irrespective of the client’s background, gender, sexual orientation and beliefs.

Anyone else, not part of this relationship, be it another trainer, a self-trainer, another client, a guest, a visitor or an accompanier, is an outsider.

To you, an outsider, such processes taking place under the supervision of a qualified trainer could be surprising or unfamiliar. On the contrary, they could remind you of very specific and vivid past experiences. They could be pleasant to you or very unpleasant. It is very easy for you to misjudge or misinterpret what you are seeing or hearing because it is part of someone else’s process and not yours.

It is the responsibility of the Movement Re-Training Center to ensure that all processes are taking place under the supervision of a qualified trainer who is able to guide a client in a safe and controlled manner.

We need and expect you, as an outsider, to respect this relationship by adopting a non-judgmental attitude at all times. That means refraining from any intervention or interference in the relationship between the trainer and the client. It is important that you respect the trainer’s chosen approach and method even if you do not understand them. Do not comment or disturb a client’s session in any way. Please put aside your own set of knowledge, experience, opinions and beliefs.

If you have questions, do not understand something you heard or saw or feel that you have witnessed an inappropriate behaviour, please first consult the white board in front of the dressing rooms. If you are still concerned, feel free to make an appointment with the Movement Re-Training Center to discuss the issue.

The Movement Re-Training Center reserves the right to terminate its relationship with any client or trainer who does not abide by these rules.

We believe that these rules contribute to making the Movement Re-Training Center a safe, steady and trusted place where everybody can learn, grow and be him/herself in a respectful and inclusive manner.


  • Be respected.
  • Be treated with fairness.
  • Be safe.
  • Not being judged, ever.
  • Being properly notified of all internal rules.


  • Comply with all rules internal to the Movement Re-Training Center.
  • Respect other clients’ processes.
  • Ask questions when you do not understand something in private and never during another client’s session.