The Bees Move

Research, experience, create, perform

The Movement Re-Training Center is offering performance oriented individual and group classes under the “The Bees Move” name. The goal is to provide a safe environment in which each client is given the opportunity to research, experience, create and perform their “role in life” trough movement, dance, voice and acting.

For us, the real question should not be: “What is my role in this life?”; but rather: “What lies at the root of all my confusion about my role in this life?” And of course: “Can I truly express my role?”

The Bees Move sets up ambitious goals: working with extremely diverse individuals in age, background and position; applying Movement Re-Training Center trainings to top performance; challenging the personal and professional boundaries; promoting the client’s self-development, self-confidence and self-expression.

From clients to performers.
How to be the best of yourself?

The Bees Move offer a transformational program for clients that needs to perform high skills requirement in front of a group of person or a large public like speakers, managers, scientist, singers, actor, dancers, tour guide etc…

The Bees Move can be considered as a social experiment, where the emphasis is placed on the roles people play in their lives both as individuals and as members of evolving groups. The clients become a performer where no stage background is required. Their growing processes and their interpretation of a chosen theme can form the foundation of a performance from The Bees Move or improve performance skills of the individual.

The authenticity of the work is of paramount importance for the credibility of the top performance. It is the direct result of the constant questioning that the performers have to face during the preparation of their life performance. It also comes from the fact that the answers to all these questions, that have to be presented to the public, are the expression of each performer’s own self. The class is based and developed on the performer’s skills and strengths; not on their limitations.

The Bees Move is a unique opportunity to embark on a journey that will challenge your boundaries, put yourself on the spot, develop your physicality, make you discover your moving self, confront you to different viewpoints, teach you how to deal with the stress before a performance.


“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working” – Pablo Picasso

The Bees Move is for the one who can say:

I want to challenge myself. I feel ready to apply my training to real life situations. I want to explore the effects of a higher physical and emotional intensity. I want to discover how to use my body, my feelings and my emotions in order to relate to other people.

With The Bees Move, you will learn how to develop all these new aspects of yourself in a safe and professionally guided environment. Our individual and group classes are adapted to each participant’s level. Their contents is tailored to meet each participant’s expectations while considering the group’s reactions. If you are willing to be more of yourself, we will help you shine!

Our personal evolution is revealed to us in those moments when we recognise the goals we are seeking the most. Overtime, we may slowly realise that old motivations have been replaced by others of nobler character and greater virtue. Our role becomes clearer. Eventually our role is to do what we love to do. It should not be about what we do not like!

Themes you will be working during performance oriented classes at the Bees Move:

  • What is a performance?
  • How to take a role?
  • How to move and express according to a role on stage?
  • Process in work
  • Fantasy development
  • Internal time and space
  • Movement in space
  • Internal balance before, during and after performance
  • Creativity
  • Memorization
  • Giving yourself to what you love

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