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Welcome to Movement Re-Training Center!

We focus on health promotion, re-training, prevention & sustainable physical activities.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Re-training programs for chronic musculoskeletal pain (e.g. in back, shoulder, neck, hips, knees)
  • Re-training and prevention of sports injuries, up to professional level
  • Re-training after traumatic injury or illness
  • Functional training to regain or increase your flexibility, mobility, coordination, strength, balance, and conditioning
  • Correction of inappropriate movement patterns and refinement of postural awareness
  • Relief of stress and stress-related health problems, such as headache, gastrointestinal symptoms, sleep disorders, skin conditions, and burnout


We use our broad experience in movement science (kinesiology) to provide technical expertise for resolving your physical issues. If applicable, we also attend to the mental aspects of your condition or training. Our approach includes the GYROTONIC® movement method, VMI bodywork, ballet technique, dance movement therapy, and relaxation techniques. Tailored to your needs.


No. After all, human movement is complex, and body and mind are interconnected. That’s why we provide comprehensive programs based on sincere and detailed personal attention. Together we create the optimal training and recovery plan for you.

Individual session?

  • For your first one-on-one session, please read and follow our intake procedure here or simply schedule your intake directly here.

Group classes?

  • No intake needed. Just make sure your current physical condition allows you to follow the group class of your choice.

Why Movement Re-Training Center?

Because of its high quality, personal engagement, and clarity. Our style is precise, direct, structured, authentic, and creative. At times demanding, but always empathic and respectful. Click here for more info about us.

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