We believe we can
Recover you from injury|Improve your physical activity and health condition|make your body stronger|teach you become a trainer

Functional Training

I need more, I need to improve or re-train my activity on personal or professional level.

Rehabilitation Programs

I have pain!!! I want to be able to move and work again with comfort and freedom! I need tools for being responsible towards my recovery and my future.

Flow & Release

I want to feel at home in my body, I have internal discomfort without clear medical reason, I want to be guided in identifying and treating the causes of my discomfort.

GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® teacher courses

I want to become a student again where I can learn, experience, understand and profit.


Group Classes

I want to move, play, observe, train, learn and grow together in the group of people with the same mindset, different talents and skills.

Precision & Clarity

I'm ready and I want to take my next step into understanding body on functional, emotional, energetical and movement level.


I need to discover my real passion and express my true role in my life.


It means, I am consciously and actively connecting and training body parts and muscle groups that are neglected, that don’t usually get the attention, and that are not stimulated by daily activities or by even vigorous forms of traditional exercises. Conventional methods and training philosophies usually target just one body part. This doesn't work. On the contrary, in our re-training we connect different parts of your body in our exercises with the goal of helping your connected body achieve desired movements or functions rather than merely training just a single body part.

We are the solution for people who have tried everything but haven't found satisfying ways to get rid of their physical discomforts and for those who have received little support and guidance for improving their daily activities. There is no way you will ever get bored at the Movement Re- Training Center. Every lesson is challenging and sometimes confronting because you will be experiencing and learning new movement patterns in each lesson. You will also have a lot of fun discovering the amazing capabilities of your own body. You will be safely guided by our instructors until you achieve fluid movement as your second nature..
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